Hill Iron works

Hill Iron Works is an old style blacksmith and fabrication shop hand forging rustic decorative hardware. projects ranging anywhere from small home fixtures, artistic decorations and furniture to window grills, decorative fencing, fancy handrails and gates.

Shop capabilities include steel forging, forming, bending, and rolling. Full welding capability for steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Machine shop includes 3 lathes and a mill for general repair. Our material handling equipment makes large projects possible, too! With 30+ years experience in Design and Fabrication your projects or ideas can move closer to reality.

Visit our store blacksmith and home fixture products or click on the fabrication link to contact us about a special project.




Large Door Handles

Hand forged from 1-1/2” round bar 18” long Large Door Handles Special custom order hand forged to customer specs. The

Making leaves

A project required a lot of leaves. Here is a video. 28 minutes of repetitious production leaf making. We started

New Propane Forge

New Forge Back in May it was time to build a new gas forge. The old one I bought in

Tiny Barn Door Handle

4” Handle These tiny 4” barn door handles were made as a custom request in the same style as our