Large Door Handles

Large barn door handle
Large door handle
Hand forged from 1-1/2” round bar 18” long

Large Door Handles

Special custom order hand forged to customer specs. The handle starts as 1-1/2” round bar and one end is upset to 2”. The risers start as 1” square bar that is upset to 1-1/2”. The risers are then pierced to form the rings. After piercing they are heated to press on to the bar. When the risers cool, they shrink to grip the bar and become solid. After the risers are installed the other end of the round bar is upset finishing the overall length to 18”. The finished product is a very heavy duty nice feeling front door handle or large barn door handle.

Rustic hand forged Railroad Spike Drawer Pull

Rustic hand forged Railroad Spike Drawer Pull

The Rustic hand forged Railroad Spike Drawer Pull is made from the remnants of a railroad spike.
After a railroad spike cabinet pull or knob is made from the head, there is about 5″ remnant left over.
The spike knobs are popular so it doesn’t take long to acquire a giant pile of spike remnants.

Rustic hand forged Drawer Pull
The very first spike handle I made from the remnants was the “Hand Forged Rustic Drawer Pull“.
One end of the remnant was the pointed end of the spike and the other was square from the saw cut.
The square end is heated and forged into a point to match the other side, then an arch is pressed and hammered for the grab.
This has a nice rustic look but it didn’t keep up with the ever growing pile of remnants.





horse head cabinet pull

The second attempt was the “Horse Head Cabinet Pull“.
Many of these little horses have been born and galloped off to greener pasture.
They have been harnessed to pull cabinets and drawers and saddled with toilet paper and paper towels.

Yet there is still more remnants.




Rustic hand forged Flattened Railroad Spike Drawer Pull

The latest attempt at tackling the remnant pile is the “Rustic hand forged Flattened Railroad Spike Drawer Pull“.
This handle starts the same as previous rustic handle but is press flat with a 140 ton press brake to form a nice rounded flat handle.

This handle has to jump into the fire 4 times before completion.

First is to hammer the point.

Second heat goes to press the arch.

Third heat is for hammering the texture.

The handle is drilled and tapped for mounting then debured and brushed.

Then after brushing, which leaves the handle smooth but shiny, the handle is fired once more to bring back the patina of iron.

The pictured handle is the natural iron color with a clear coat “Matt Clear”.


Hammered Square Knob

Hammered Square Knob product line

Red hot steel is fun to press, form and hammer into different shapes.
Learning how to get the desired results takes practice.  By the time you start to get close to your goal, you are standing knee deep in a pile of scrap metal. Some of the ideas come from mistakes made when trying to achieve an entirely different goal. I can’t remember what I was trying to make when the Hammered Square Knob line started but most importantly my wife liked them. It wasn’t long before my house was full of them. Then came the other fixtures like toilet paper and paper towel holders, coat hooks and drawer handles.

square knob cabinet pull square knob drawer pull
square knob towel ring pull 
Square knob hook


The Square Knob Line keeps growing.

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Wrought Iron Rope Fixtures

rope towel bars and rings

Wrought Iron Rope Fixtures

We twist three pieces of 1/4″ hot rolled round steel bar into wrought iron rope fixtures.
First, the start of a crown knot is tied in the end of the items that are hooks or paper holders.

Wrought Iron Rope Double Hook Wrought Iron rope towel ring

With a hot forge, anvil and a hammer, we shape the rope into various items.

Wrought Iron Rope toilet paper holder Wrought Iron Rope toilet paper holder

After we shape the fixtures, we steel brush them to smooth the edges and remove the slag that forms in the hot forge.  The steel brushing leaves them shiny, so we put them back in the forge to bring out the natural patina color of forged steel.  Most of the images are colored with “Matt Clear” which coats and protects but keeps the natural color visible.  We have 15 color options to choose from.

Most of the items have come at the request of customers.

Please contact us with your thoughts or ideas and we will be happy to hammer them into shape.

Link to the rope line page.