Installation Instructions

Screw Trimming Instructions

Knobs and handles supplied with 1” #8×32 machine screws might need trimed to match the thickness of your drawer or cabinet door.

Install the hardware

Hand tighten the screws until they stop or bottom out finger tight!
(do not tighten with screw driver or gun at this point as you may strip the threads or most likely break the screw).
If they start to turn hard or bottom out just as the screw touches the wood but the handle seems loose,
Do not over tighten or you will break the screw!

Measure Excess Screw

Measure the amount needed to trim.

In the image above, notice the distance from the board to the base of the head of the screw.
Measure the distance of excess thread.

Screw trimming pliers

Wire Strippers with Screw Cutters

Most wire strippers have a section for trimming machine screws. Thread the screw into the pliers so the amount to be trimmed is extended through the pliers. You have to move the pliers to align the threaded side with the hole on the opposite side of the pliers (image below). Add an 1/8″ or a few extra threads to give some space for final tightening of the screw and squeeze the pliers to cut off desired amount.

I found these at Harbor Freight for $4.99
Here is link to Amazon Wire Strippers.

Reinstall screw

Once again, install the screw finger tight. Use a screw driver and tighten a 1/4 to half turn more. The hardware should feel snug and not move around with light force. If the screw feels tight and you have to exert extra force, or the hardware remains loose, you may have to trim a bit more.
Be careful not to over tighten, You will break the screw.

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