KLH Fabrication

Design and Build

KLH Fabrication is a custom design and build fabrication shop.
Projects ranging anywhere from custom hand railing and gates to special trailer builds and modifications. We are equipped to handle large and heavy projects. The shop has bending, forming, rolling, CNC plasma cutting, machining, all types of welding capability and hydraulic hose repair. The design side runs with Solid works CAD and 30+ years experience designing and manufacturing mobile equipment.

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“Design and Build”

Machine Shop

Machine Shop A basic machine shop for making special repairs or tooling. We have: Mill 10″ x 36″ Lathe 17″ x 84″ Lathe 24″ x 98″ Lathe Contact us

Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment Steel is heavy. Cutting, shaping, forming and welding steel all requires that it be moved. Most steel in its raw form requires some kind of machine to get it where you need to work on it. We