Wrought Iron Rope Fixtures

April 12, 2018 by

Wrought Iron Rope Fixtures

We twist three pieces of 1/4″ hot rolled round steel bar into wrought iron rope fixtures.
First, the start of a crown knot is tied in the end of the items that are hooks or paper holders.

Wrought Iron Rope Double Hook Wrought Iron rope towel ring

With a hot forge, anvil and a hammer, we shape the rope into various items.

Wrought Iron Rope toilet paper holder Wrought Iron Rope toilet paper holder

After we shape the fixtures, we steel brush them to smooth the edges and remove the slag that forms in the hot forge.  The steel brushing leaves them shiny, so we put them back in the forge to bring out the natural patina color of forged steel.  Most of the images are colored with “Matt Clear” which coats and protects but keeps the natural color visible.  We have 15 color options to choose from.

Most of the items have come at the request of customers.

Please contact us with your thoughts or ideas and we will be happy to hammer them into shape.

Link to the rope line page.